“Bryan enabled our organization to make significant progress extremely quickly in revising our e-learning technology strategy. He is a fountain of information and balances his experience handily with his clients' internal needs.” Vice President, American Express Learning Network.

“We engaged Bryan for his LMS expertise at various stages of our vendor selection process. Bryan's expertise is deep, and he provided us with invaluable feedback and advice in a very time- and cost-efficient manner. We particularly appreciated Bryan's consulting style. He was genuine, never self-promoting, and always demonstrated high integrity.” Vice President of Learning Technology, BankOne.

"We engaged Chapman Alliance for assistance in selecting a learning management system.  Christine Duckworth worked with us through the entire process.  She facilitated a cross-departmental conversation around the requirements for an LMS.  She took all of that information and compiled it into an RFP for vendors.  Finally, she walked through the vendor selection process with us.  Her contributions were priceless.  She provided insight from other selection processes.  She was patient (yet firm when needed) during the evaluation process.  Her insight into the differences between the vendors and what was out of scope of the project, kept us on task and on budget.  Christine was an outstanding resource, not just to the training department but to the organization as a whole.  I will NOT go through another LMS selection process without her."  Vice President of Training, VCA Antech

"Chapman Alliance's 5-step method for choosing enterprise learning technologies--including 20 questions to short list technologies, use case development, scripted demos, RFP requests and finally side-by-side comparisons of proposals--was nothing short of phenomenal! It made our decision process clear and concise. We knew that we would be getting a tool that fit our needs and budget. The whole process worked so well that people around here talk about it being "the tightest RFP process we've seen in years." Director, Licensing Engineering, Dolby Laboratories

"Sue Hall served as our Project Manager during our implementation of Plateau LMS.  During this 15 month process she was a critical member of our team.  She brings exceptional skills and it very beneficial to have someone with both project management as well as LMS expertise.  We found that she was able to help in many different capacities because of the breadth of her background; including helping us think through how to sunset older applications, how to successfully migrate thousands of historical records and even how to establish new e-Learning guidelines.  Sue was able to coordinate development tasks an ensure milestones were met, as well as get deeply involved in day-to-day go-live requirements.  She was much more than just a project manager; she was also a technical expert as well as a great bridge between the internal team and the vendor.   She is very professional and adept at working with diverse stakeholders, which at times can have conflicting demands.  She has an open and supporting communication style which fostered good working relationships within the team, as well as to the external vendor.  Overall, Sue was a great asset to the project and critical to getting our LMS system live and well adopted." Senior Director, Employee Development & Rewards, Gilead Sciences

"Nobody knows the technology of the learning space like Bryan Chapman. His deep knowledge, amazing skills and insight, and willingness to roll up his sleeves and solve the problem all combine to make him one of the top technologists in the learning technology industry. The industry is a better and stronger place because of Bryan.” Director of North American Channel Readiness, Autodesk.

“Even more impressive than Bryan's incredible breadth and depth of knowledge is his ability to share what he knows in a clear, straightforward manner. He cuts through the hype and provides realistic, intelligent, in-depth assessments of LMSs and other learning technologies better than anyone in the e-learning industry. And his honesty and strong ethics make him someone you can always trust.” Editor, Online Learning Magazine.

“I have known Bryan for several years now and it has been great working with him. His vast knowledge of the industry, integrity, responsiveness, vision, communication skills, and passion for his field make him the first expert I consult with any industry question I may have. I highly recommend Bryan and I am grateful to know a consultant like him.” Product Manager, Adobe.

"Bryan was initially engaged to conduct an optimization study of our LMS. He helped us effectively diagnose and solve problems, rather than symptoms. Everyone involved in the learning infrastructure analysis was at ease thanks to Bryan’s approach. He quickly built equity with members of IT, HR, Sales and R&D and as a result was able to more effectively diagnose our challenges from both business process and technical perspectives. As a result of Bryan’s work with Takeda, we have implemented a Learning Governance Council and are poised to begin a long overdue upgrade of our LMS. Thanks to his partnership Takeda is now ready to establish a sustainable learning infrastructure to support the needs of a growing, global pharmaceutical company." Training Manager, Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America.

"Informa engaged with Bryan Chapman to assist in the vendor selection process for a learning-content-management solution to support product development for multi-channel content delivery within our Performance Improvement companies.  Bryan has provided the depth of experience and knowledge of learning content management system (LCMS) solutions that was critical to the success of this important project.  His ability to distill complex issues down to precise, understandable alternatives was a boon to the project and engendered confidence within our project team and management.  In the broad view of past consulting arrangements, I would have to give Bryan very high marks for performance and value for investment." Vice President of Content Strategies, Informa, plc.

"Christine Duckworth with Chapman Alliance has a wealth of up-to-date information about Learning Management Systems and the complex cross-departmental processes required to implement an effective global solution.  In her work with us, she was a wonderful facilitator who asked insightful questions and offered clear, pragmatic counsel in helping us analyze our requirements for a global Learning Management System.  She expertly coordinated our vendor selection process and managed the interface between our company and the vendors very professionally.  I highly recommend her to any company needing expertise in this field." Vice President of Leadership and Organizational Development, Zimmer

"Bryan Chapman has a fund of knowledge on both the content development and technical sides as well as a wealth of contacts in the top vendor world that knows no bounds.  We spent a day with Bryan where he came onsite to our organization and we were just in awe of his knowledge and his generosity in sharing contacts with us right on the spot.  He left us inspired, jazzed and amazingly more knowledgeable and confident in making the best decisions going forward in developing future programs, particularly using simulation." Associate Director/Risk Management Education, Physicians’ Reciprocal Insurers

"What impressed me most about Bryan is his subject matter expertise in the area of learning technologies along with his terrific 'bedside manner' while educating novices like I was. Bryan is very personable and passionate about learning and educating others. I know, because I learned a lot from him that I was able to apply." Training Manager, Bose Corporation

"Bryan was a great asset to us when our organization was evaluating learning management solutions (LMS). We needed someone to help guide us through the evaluation and selection process for a learning solution in less than 3 months. Bryan's knowledge of the industry, his dedication to support us and his adaptability to the ever-changing environment were enormous assets to us. If it were not for his contributions, we would not have been able to select a solution in the aggressive time period dictated by the organization's senior management. I would definitely recommend Bryan for future opportunities."  Vice President, Corporate Information Technology, American Red Cross

“Bryan is definitely a "first-round" draft choice for any e-Learning team that you might assemble. His knowledge of the subject, passion, integrity, and ability to communicate are second to none. I get the pleasure of managing different teams of highly dedicated people, but always look forward to when Bryan is one of the team members as the work will be stellar and the process of producing the work will be fun.” Director of Research, ELearning Guild

Bryan was a great asset to us when our organization was evaluating learning management solutions. We needed someone to help guide us through the evaluation and selection process for a learning solution in less than 3 months. Bryan's knowledge of the industry, his dedication to support us and his adaptability to the ever-changing environment were enormous assets to us. If it were not for his contributions, we would not have been able to select a solution in the agressive time period dictated by the company's senior management. I would definitely recommend Bryan for future opportunities.