Speaking Request

Consider inviting Bryan Chapman to speak at your event, such as: keynote addresses for conferences, pre-conference workshops, breakout events, panel moderator, private sessions for organizational learning councils, executive briefings, featured webinar speaker, ASTD Chapter or group meetings, or any other occasion.

Bryan Chapman, Chief Learning Strategist, is listed through ASTD Speaker's Bureau or you can contact him directly at bryan@chapmanalliance.com or call 801-568-7011

Here is a list of prepared topic areas for consideration:

  • Benchmarking Your Learning Strategy Against the Best-of-the-Best: Winners of the Training Magazine, Top 125 (Hot Topic)
  • How to Optimize Just-in-Time, Informal Learning (5 levels of maturity) (Hot Topic)
  • Analytics: The Holy Grail - Transforming Data into Meaning and Action (Hot Topic)
  • How Long Does it Take to Create Learning? - Chapman Alliance research on time and cost to create Instructor-Led Training and 3 levels of eLeanring  (Hot Topic) link
  • Applying principles of the "Flipped Classroom" in a Corporate Setting  (Hot Topic)
  • Using Mobile Learning at the Right Time and For the Right Reasons (Hot Topic)
  • Optimizing Blended Learning in the Context of Emerging Learning Technologies (Hot Topic)
  • Single Sourcing: Automating Development of Learning Content in Multiple formats (Hot Topic)
  • Five Major Trends Influencing the Future of Learning  
  • Organizing Learning to Engage Millennial Learners
  • Benchmarking Learning Content Development Times: How Fast is Rapid?
  • Innovative Learning Publishing Practices (designed for educational providers)
  • Large-Scale, Blended Learning Development Metrics (2012 study): Applying Best Practices
  • Optimizing the Convergence of Learning and Performance
  • Optimizing Rapid Learning Development
  • Optimizing the Practice of Learning Content Management
  • Optimizing the Convergence of Formal and Social Learning
  • Learning Governance: Best Practices from Learning Leaders
  • Proactive vs. Reactive: A New Level of Maturity for Compliance and Regulatory Training
  • Choosing a Learning Management System (LMS): Getting it Right the First Time
  • Wiki-Wiki Learning Lab (Hands-On Experience)
  • Rapid Development Workshop (Hands-On Experience)
  • Overcoming the Barrier of Using Simulations for Learning
  • Learning Technology Market Analysis:Market sizing, customer needs, opportunities, vertical markets, etc. (designed for learning technology providers and investors)
  • State of the Learning Technology Industry (Based on Chapter 22, ASTD Handbook, written by Bryan Chapman)

Speaking Fees

  • $5,000 - (plus travel) keynote or featured presentation for conference or seminar events (NOTE: multiple presenations/breakouts on a single day available upon request for the same price)
  • $5,000 - for sponsored, high-profile, large scale webinar events (virtual, no travel)
  • $3,500 - (plus travel) for onsite, smaller group, learning councils, etc. (less than 50 people)
  • $3,500 - virtual, custom presentation on your topic (same as onsite, but no travel costs)
  • $1,750 - for live, virtual speaking engagements with no travel required (minor customizations of existing presentation materials)
  • $875 - for live, virtual speaking engagements using existing topics "as is"  - presentation not customized, but conversation can be dynamic and interactive (see above); excludes full-day, or multiple day engagements and hands-on experience sessions.

Click here for more information on Bryan Chapman's background.

Microsoft Learning Conference 2013

Keynote at China Training Summit (Shanghai), 2013 - "Using Emerging Technologies to Optimize Blended Learning"

Participating in the Blended Learning, Roundtable (panel of experts) at China Training Summit

Keynote at QuestionMark Users Conference


 Bryan Chapman: teaching a hands-on, authoring workshop

Bryan Chapman: Keynote Speaker at the Professional Association of Computer Training (PACT) in Minneapolis in 2012