Chapman Alliance Quick Statistics (building a business case for using Chapman Alliance consulting services) *

  • Number of Companies who have engaged us in consulting services: 232
  • Number of Learners represented across all Chapman Alliance Customers: 19,640,882
  • Total amount of money we've helped customers spend on learning technologies (i.e. LMS, LCMS, Simulation Tools) and services (i.e. custom courseware development): $147,226,135.00
  • Estimated Savings based on competitive bidding and negotiation: $35,334,000.00 (average of apx. 24%)

Chapman Alliance consulting services services saves you money on your learning initiates. Here are just a few examples **

Very Large scale LMS implementation: Chapman Alliance helped the customer achieve a savings of just over $5 Million dollars through aggressive competitive bidding and itemized analysis of license fees, services, and negotiation assistance.

LMS Implementation with 5000 Learners: Chapman Alliance helped reduce the total cost of ownership from over $175 per learner per year (existing contract) to $26.50 per learner per year, through a series of blind bids and later official competitive bidding.

LMS Implementation of apx. 10,000 Learners: Chapman Alliance analyzed the clients existing budget and discovered that it was insufficient to meet typical prices for top-tier LMS solutions. Instead of moving to mid-tier LMS providers, Chapman Alliance pre-shopped the client budget among leading providers during the short list process (without disclosing the client's name). This saved the client $132,000 (over a three year period) over the standard pricing from vendors, without wasting the client or vendor time throughout the process.

Large Scale Implementation (over 100,000 learners): Chapman Alliance assisted the customer through negotiations to waive first year license fees and only pay for services to meet their budget requirements - a front-loaded savings of nearly $500,000.

Medium Sized Implementation: Chapman Alliance uses a pricing worksheet during the RFP/Proposal phase of selection. This helped spot exorbitant fees from one vendor during the proposal review (who they liked and wanted to work with), which reduced the overall cost of the implementation by $180,000

Existing LMS with (apx. 2,000 learners).  The company was getting ready to renew their license with the vendor and had Chapman Alliance benchmark new, proposed pricing.  Through comparison benchmarking, it was determined that the vendor was about $6 per learner too high, and they were attempting to stretch out the license to five full years.  This information resulted in a $12,000 a year savings.


*As of June 2012

** Results are not typical and vary from project to project.