Chapman Alliance Consulting Services


Full-Service, Learning Technology Selection (LMS, LCMS, Informal/Social, Simulation) ($32,995).  We have helped many organizations, large or small, systematically work through the process of choosing central learning platforms (in all areas including learning management systems (LMS), learning content management systems (LCMS), simulation tools and services, authoring tools, virtual classroom, courseware development services, learning publishing and distribution systems, informal or social learning platforms etc.  Chapman Alliance facilitates the entire process and stays with you from concept to selection, following our time-tested, five-step model:  (1) short listing, (2) use case development (IMPORTANT: this document serves as the baseline for evaluating tools on your terms, not the vendors agenda), (3) scripted vendor demo/evaluation, (4) request for proposal (RFP) creation, and (5) evaluating proposals and final recommendations.  Throughout the process we share lots of best practice information to make sure you don’t spend too much by over-scoping your needs vs. wants. If you’d like to do some of the steps on your own, you can also engage our services ala carte at a price of $8,995 per step. However, engaging in the entire process is an $11,980 (25%+) savings overall purchasing services separately.

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LMS Short Listing Service Only ($8,995). With literally hundreds of learning technologies on the market, the task of finding the right match can be a daunting one.  Using this service will help you quickly eliminate options that won’t meet your needs so you can move quickly to putting the right solution in place. The service can be done either virtually or in person (same base cost with addition of travel expenses for onsite). We work with your internal stakeholder team and any existing documented requirements (if available) to map out critical needs, advise you on best practices and picking the right range of functionality; then perform an objective matching exercise to identify the best solution. The deliverable for this service is a custom-developed comparative matching matrix, based on your specific needs, along with plenty of guidance and advice. This service can also be done for areas other than LMS, including Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS), Simulation Products and Services, Authoring Tool Selection, and Choosing Custom Courseware Development Resources 

Speaking Engagements ($875 - $5000). If you need someone to simultaneously inspire and educate, why not bring in someone who is passionate about innovative learning.  Bryan Chapman is an audience favorite for conference keynotes, presentations to executive leadership, and webinars.  Just point us in the right direction and we’ll do all the work to prepare a custom presentation that is just right for your audience, sharing stories and experience that will be immediately actionable by those who attend. Speaking can be done onsite or virtual (same base cost with addition of travel expenses for onsite). Click here to see an archive of webinar sessions. Pricing is scalable depending on size of audience and travel requirements. Click here for more detail.

One-Day Consulting ($3,500). Spending a day with Bryan Chapman or any of the Chapman Alliance specialist consultants could make all the difference in the success of your learning initiative whether you are planning a new blended learning strategy, assessing learning technology options, working on a new learning governance model, looking to add simulations into your learning model, answering questions about the optimal use of learning technology, or you want to validate your future direction in learning. This service can be done onsite (plus travel expenses at cost) or virtually as a series of online meetings. 

2-Hour, Virtual Advisory Service ($875). Sometimes, all it takes is a quick, interactive discussion to get things rolling in the right direction. You can book an advisory service online, right now by completing a simple online transaction. You can plan the meeting as one 2-hour block or split the meeting into a small series of meetings (30 minute minimum per meeting).  For optimal results, please also send a list of questions you’d like us to help you answer through the meeting so we can prepare in advance.

LMS Implementation Consulting Services (Price Varies). Many clients don’t have a dedicated resource to oversee the implementation of an enterprise learning system, but without a central person to guide the project, rolling out the software can take years instead of months. The LMS Implementation Service provides a combined project manager and LMS expert that will become a member of your team and manage the implementation of the selected LMS. We have our own clear, multi-phase implementation methodology but can also manage to one offered by the vendor or a process required by your own project management group.

Whether you’re deploying your first LMS, migrating from legacy systems to a centralized one, upgrading an existing system, working through compliance validation, or integrating with functionality such as a social learning application or content management system, we will be the primary liaison between your team and the LMS vendor to facilitate tasks, manage dependencies, and communicate timelines to ensure the implementation stays on track. Click here for detailed tasks and responsibilities.

Because scope differs for each project, the Implementation Consultant bills by the hour. Please contact us for a detailed estimate.

Research-Centric White Paper Development ($14,995).  If you have an innovative best practice you’d like to share with others and need an independent source to objectively document the finding, using Chapman Alliance researchers may be the perfect match. We have written a number of white papers on innovations in areas such as single-source content management in learning (Xyleme), innovations in the use of technology for managing regulatory compliance training (Kaplan IT Learning), talent management requirements for LMS (Net Dimensions), toolkit for transitioning from traditional training to a learning culture (OutStart), and many others. Click here to download a white paper example.

Single-Sourcing, Learning Content Management Strategy Development
($32,995). The ability to create content once and use it in many places and for many purposes is a complex, yet spectacular thing when implemented correctly. Chapman Alliance is a leading thought leader on best practices and tools for achieving the holy grail of learning. We can help you create a model for modular design, working with multiple content contributors, XML-based content, and serving up content in multiple formats (online learning, lesson plans, student workbooks, synchronized PowerPoint slides, job aides, just-in-time help, etc.) We have successfully helped optimize this practice at organizations such as SAP Education, Sprint, Informa, California Workforce Learning, Citrix and others to (1) map out a single-sourcing strategy, (2) help evaluate tools to meet your single-sourcing needs, and (3) create an implementation blueprint, including recommendations for change management.

Blended Learning Strategy Development ($32,995). This consulting package provides a systematic approach for transitioning your organization from a traditional training practice to a true "learning organization." The service includes (1) upfront audit analysis, (2) benchmarking your organization against leading companies using blended learning, (3) developing your business case for blended learning, (4) curriculum analysis and delivery format selection, (5) phased action plan for transitioning your learning portfolio to blended learning, and (6) follow-up meetings to assess progress and update the plan.


Onsite Workshops:

One-Day, Onsite Learning Governance Workshop
  ($4,695). This service is intended to introduce ‘best practices’ for learning governance with members of your learning organization and/or other company stakeholders who need to work effectively with the learning team.  We look at the issues that affect governance in organizations – using an established framework based on the Learning Governance Lifecycle™ model – and study processes and ‘best practices’ that work as well as examine where things typically go awry.  We then discuss implications for your organization and outline 3-4 best ‘next steps’ designed to help your organization move its governance charter forward. We also capture opportunities for cost savings, operating efficiencies and business impacts which can help justify further support for your team.

Two-Day, Onsite Train-the-SME-Developer Workshop  ($9,850 or $995 per learner with a 10 learner minimum). This two day workshop provides (1) complete overview of practical instructional design methodologies used for your project, (2) hands-on development practicum with target authoring tool to be used by SME developers in your organization, (3) conformance to company style guidelines, (4) procedure for development and submission of learning content as a content contributor, and (5) working as part of an instructional development team. The workshop will be customized to your learning tools and processes.

Three-Day, Onsite Developing Five-Star Quality Courseware Workshop ($14,950 for up to 10 participants, $1,495/each for more than 10 participants). This three-day workshop will guide participants through the design of a course using David Merrill’s 5-Star Course Design standards. Participants will need to bring a course that they can design or re-design (individually or in teams) during the workshop. This workshop will teach:  (1) An introduction to 5 Star Instruction, (2) How the traditional ADDIE course design process works with 5 Star Instructional Design. (3) How to do content analysis with the 5 Star whole-task framework, (4) How to design innovative instruction around whole tasks, (5) How to develop learner evaluation using a whole-task approach, (6) How to evaluate existing courses based upon 5 Star standards. The workshop can be customized to meet your organization’s course design needs. 

Learning Governance Consulting Packages:

Establishing ‘Best Practices’ and Optimizing Governance Processes
($29,950). This is a focused learning governance workshop and service engagement designed to have the greatest impact with a diverse group of stakeholders. We work with you to identify issues and opportunities in your organization then plan and facilitate a 1.5 – 2-day consensus building workshop with a group of stakeholders.  We use the Learning Governance Lifecycle™ model and methodology to systematically work through each stage of the lifecycle process, review the activities that need to get accomplished for each stage, and gain agreement on how roles, responsibilities and process flows could be refined to work best for your organization. This workshop is ‘hands-on’– refining processes, improving stakeholder alignment, building consensus and implementing best practices to generate an effective operating plan for governance on an enterprise-wide basis. We also provide examples from other organizations and draw on leading research from industry analysts to provide quantitative analysis where needed. A key deliverable for this engagement is a Learning Governance Management Guide tailored specifically to your organization. The guide becomes an ongoing operating plan to share with other stakeholders and update over time as new capabilities, resources or technologies are added.

Building the Governance Organization and Charter ($32,950). This type of engagement is designed to help you set up or improve the decision-making framework and overall governance model for your organization before drilling down more deeply on process improvement (as outlined above in the ‘Governance Process’ service). Here, we focus on the ‘make-up’ of the governance body and identify appropriate representation among learning stakeholder domains. We analyze how current learning decisions are made, how and where resources are allocated, and review the relative role and make-up of a Learning Council if one is already in place. We then identify potential organizational ‘risks’ that could thwart effective governance and offer recommendations for improvement or expansion in charter. As described, this engagement is designed to work with you as a coaching and consulting resource over time, whereas the other governance engagement is designed to have a more concentrated focus to improve business processes initially. 

There are two parts to this ‘Charter’ service. Early on (e.g., sometime during the first quarter), we plan and conduct an onsite workshop to help ‘jump-start’ the governance discussion, propose a recommended ‘straw’ model and engage key stakeholders in further refinement. We then become a member of your Learning Governance team; committing 2 days per quarter and providing the group with an outside perspective to provide quantitative analysis where needed, attending regular governance team meetings and take action items for additional research or task refinement. Price is based on the upfront planning and governance workshop in the first quarter and 2-days of consulting per quarter over the next 3 quarters. The service is renewable on an annual basis based on the 2-days/quarter rate ($28,000).

Learning Audit Analysis ($28,995). Chapman Alliance will (1) conduct a thorough analysis of your existing learning/training environment including interviews with management, staff, developers; observing learning in action; inventory existing learning resources; document redundancies and efficiencies; etc. (2) benchmark your organization against leading, learning organizations; and (3) provide a comprehensive report and meetings with proactive recommendations for achieving greater efficiency.

Performance and Talent Management Consulting ($32,995). Many companies are starting to ask the question about how to better align their learning practices with performance and talent management (usually in the domain of Human Resources). This consulting packages focuses on (1) creating a stakeholder team with the right people, purpose and agenda, (2) sharing best practices on leveraging technology so that training and HR can share the performance management charter, (3) technology evaluation and selection (considering both training technology and HR systems), and (4) development of phased implementation plan to ensure successful integration.

Custom Consulting (price varies). Available upon request.