Continuous Learning Improvement Cycle

This model/framework was created by Bryan Chapman, Chief Learning Strategist at Chapman Alliance for the benefit of all learning professionals.  The traditional ADDIE model (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate) applies very well to individual course or curriculum design and development. However, it doesn't address the more global issues of strategically leveraging an entire learning strategy at the organizational level.

This model (with 6, count 'em, 6) "i" words accurately describes the process for initate, implement, innovate, inventory, improve and impress in a continuous cycle of improving organization learning. Its primary purpose is to help organizations (1) understand where they are in the cycle, (2) make plans for next stages, and (3) build upon successes through continuous improvement.

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Under creative commons, you are welcome to download this conceptual model and modify it for your own use and for use throughout your organization. Just remember to site the source as Bryan Chapman, Chapman Alliance.  The only restriction of the creative commons license is that you can't make this part of a commerical (resell) offering or claim that you created the model.  Use of this model in any commerical offering requires written consent of the content owner. For information, contact Bryan Chapman at

Suggested changes: The best use of this model is to keep the 6 main categories and change the subcategories to match what your company is doing in each area.

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