Research Study with Development Benchmarks for Large-Scale, Blended Learning Projects  

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Executive Summary (highlights):

  • On average, the development ratio for blended learning is 49:1, meaning it takes 49 hours to create one finished hour of blended learning (on average)
  • Using the data from 188 survey respondents, the average price per finished hour of blended learning is $3,938
  • Creating “new" content can increase your development ratio to 69:1
  • When repurposing "existing" content (for 60% or more of the blended course) the development ratio average drops to 22:1
  • Outsourcing content takes less time than the overall average (31:1), but the cost per finished hour goes up by and additional $1,158 per finished hour (vendor markup)
  • Shorter blended courses (less than 1 day in duration) increase the development ratio average (81:1)
  • The longer the course, the more efficient the development ratio becomes (see slide #7)
  • The median duration of a blended learning course is 3-days in length (24 hours), although they range in the survey from 45 minutes to 800 hours (100 days)
  • There is NO STANDARD BLEND.  There were literally 188 different blends, using a variety of delivery formats and integrating new, emerging technologies (such as Social, Mobile, and Informal learning)

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