Bryan Chapman Bio

Bryan Chapman is Chief Learning Strategist at Chapman Alliance; a provider of research-centric consulting solutions that assist organizations in defining, operating and optimizing their strategic learning initiatives. As a veteran in the industry, he has over 22 years experience and has worked with such organizations as American Express, Home Depot, Shell, Kodak, Sprint, Sharp Electronics, Honda, IBM, Microsoft, Avon, UNICEF, American Red Cross, The Food and Drug Administration, U.S. State Department, and many others; to help them optimize learning efficiency through the use of innovative learning techniques and technologies.

Prior to starting up Chapman Alliance, Bryan worked as Director of Research and Strategy for independent research and consulting firm Brandon Hall Research for over a decade, where he created and served as the primary author and researcher on high profile projects such as the LMS Knowledgebase, LCMS Comparative Analysis Report, Comparison of Simulation Products and Services, and a comprehensive study of custom content developers in the industry. In addition, Bryan was responsible for setting up Brandon Hall's consulting practice around LMS and learning technology selection.

Through the years, Bryan has shared his knowledge of the best use of innovative learning technologies through several creative avenues. You may have seen him sporting a referee shirt at leading industry conferences, around the world, hosting the popular Shootout series; conducting live, side-by-side comparisons of learning technology that pit teams against each other to solve common learning issues such as rapid authoring, PowerPoint to e-learning, low-cost learning management solutions, performance management, e-assessment, analytics, etc. Bryan also wrote a popular advice column for Training Magazine, appropriately entitled “Ask Bryan,” answering questions about how to best position and leverage innovative learning technologies.

Bryan Chapman: Referee for learning technology shootouts

Software Simulation Shootout

His views on the status and future of technology-based learning have been shared on CNBC television and in publications such as InfoWorld, Federal Computer Week, Online Learning Magazine, PCWeek, E-Learning Magazine and Information Week. Bryan has been invited to evangelize and teach learning best practices, tips and techniques at conferences such as Training, ASTD, TecKnowledge, TechLearn, Macromedia Users Conference, ELearning Guild Annual Gathering, DevLearn, Online Learning Europe, Online Learning Asia, Society for Applied Learning Technology (SALT), ISPI, I/ITSEC, Professional Association of Computer Trainers (PACT), and many others. In addition, Bryan has delivered dozens of webinars on topics including: learning governance, blended learning, knowledge management, innovations in soft skills simulations, learning for small-to-medium sized businesses, and how to align learning technologies with business strategies. Bryan has delivered dozens of e-learning workshops around the world, in places such as London, Paris, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Auckland, Sydney, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Zurich, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Dubai, Bahrain and many other locations.



Keynote Speaker: talking about the unqiue roles of Training, HR and IT

Prior to joining Brandon Hall Research, Bryan was responsible for bringing two emerging, enterprise learning technologies to the learning community. As Vice President of Product Management at Avaltus, he was a key designer of Jupiter, the industry’s first fully XML-based learning content management system (LCMS). At Allen Communication, Bryan was the father and inventor of the first commercial EPSS system for instructional designers, called Designer’s Edge; a tool for guiding novice developers through the instructional design process. Designer’s Edge became widely used by military and large corporate entities as a central repository for learning designs and content.

He holds a Masters degree in Instructional Technology from Utah State University, where he was voted outstanding instructional design scholar by the faculty. He also holds a degree in Multimedia Communications from Brigham Young University.

Bryan Chapman, Teaching a Workshop at the Professional Association for Computer Training (PACT) in Minnesota in 2012

Bryan Chapman: Teaching a "Rapid Development" workshop in Kuala Lumpur in 2007